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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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rain once again rolling through the bay area this morning making for a dangerous commute and concerns now over flooding. and i'll tell you, driving over the bay bridge through the caldecott tunnel, it was pretty bad! it was a little tricky this morning. >> i was telling roqui it was my worst commute ever since this began last saturday into sunday. very wet. i remember what i wanted to tell you in the makeup room. no matter how early you get in here, it's changing second by second. you have to constantly update so you feel like you're not ahead of the game but we're going to work on that. >> you're always ahead of the game. we're going to watch the rising levels of the russian river that's in the guerneville area. it has been at flood stage for over a day now. we anticipate it to crest and overflow its pages again tomorrow again. we are talking about the napa river in napa. it's at flood stage. it will overflow as well and
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this is why. it's live. it's hi-def doppler. the green is the light rain. we have specking of yellow more moderate downpours highway 101 into petaluma and novato. east bay getting hammered this morning around highway -- we are at 580 to the 680 corridor and we have that moderate rainfall into danville, alamo and blackhawk. light rain around 680 as you begin the sunol grade into san jose. san jose has the rain shadow effect where you're being shielded from the rain from the santa cruz mountains. we have heavy rain around riverside grove into the boulder creek area. here's the commute around the peninsula. we have moderate rainfall around san mateo into the san mateo bridge. you have light to moderate rainfall, as well. this is why we have a flash flood watch in effect for today flout much of the bay area. also where you see the blue highlighted area that's the
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watch. the yellow is the advisory at the coast. astronomical high tide today, with rain and wind, not a good situation at the coast where winds will be 35 to gusts at 65 miles per hour. so therefore we'll see some waves onshore. cloud cover and rain temperatures are into the 50s. a sloppy day. heavier rain in the evening commute. 50s and 60s as highs. we'll talk more about the system and track it for you. again. road closures northbound 101 at 580 flooding reported in all lanes in san rafael. highway 17 between vine hill and sugarloaf reduced to one lane in each directions. so give yourself some extra time.
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the bay bridge toll plaza a lot of rain, so make sure your driving slowly and a lot of cash lane backup as well from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze about 20 minutes. also expect high winds as you travel into downtown san francisco. san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, 15 minutes. but slow down because the roads are very wet this morning. okay, drive safely. michelle. >> thank you. crews are keeping an eye on a mud slide in guerneville that slid down near several homes along santa rosa avenue. some hopes are red-tagged and evacuation orders are in place. joe vazquez reports. >> reporter: pounding rain in guerneville still causing problems with floods and probably going to be daybreak before we can tell the full extent of the damage of a mud slide that appeared last night. up the hill from guerneville above the russian river we
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found a huge landslide that's covering santa rosa avenue. the road has become a muddy waterfall full of debris. some homes are uninhabitable. it's hard to tell on tv just how huge this mud slide is, but think about one of those large slides at a waterpark maybe 50, 75 feet long from top to bottom. the mud is waist high on me. to get the rest of the story we'll have to go around. here on the other side this is old monte rio road, impassable, thick here, as well. there's no doubt this road is going to be compromised for some time. this area is sparsely populated. homes are spaced apart. how much damage? it's too dark to tell. we'll probably have to wait for daylight to see the full scope of the damage of the big mud slide. probably not the best idea to go trainses through a mud slide like that. i guess i was determined to
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bring you the story here. it's cold. i'm on my second raincoat. you can imagine what the folks here are dealing with as one storm after another continues to pound the area. in guerneville, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. all schools in the guerneville district are closed today. mudslides also caused problems in the santa cruz mountains. chp officers shot this video along highway 17 near vine hill road. a tv news van got caught under some rocks and mud and the driver is expected to be okay. but in the greater santa cruz county despite the rain a faulty pipeline is putting residents in a bind. kpix 5's betty yu has the story. >> reporter: one of the city's major pipelines was no match for the relentless rain this week. the pipeline leaks 1500 gallons of water per minute for hours before it was shut down. >> the land there does shift around a lot especially when the soil is saturated but. been a lot of rain over the
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last week and more is coming so this is not unexpected but it's not a great situation for us. >> reporter: so the city is asking all residents to cut their water use by 30% for the next week. >> we need folks to cut back on anything that's discretionary so if you can put off running your dishwasher or your laundry over the next few days, please do that. it helps. >> reporter: all the city's water supply is local. most of it comes from flowing sources like rivers and streams. but when powerful storms hit, there's too much sediment, which makes the water too cloudy to treat. that's why the city relies on the pipeline to get water from a nearby reservoir. >> we'll do what we can, take shorter showers and maybe not bathe in for a week. [ laughter ] >> we just heard about it. not quite sure how i'm going to save water. it's a little wet right now. i won't water the lawn. >> reporter: how do you think you can help save water? >> um, shower less? >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> repair work will start this
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morning and it's expected to last about a week. there's plenty of other storm clean-up across the bay area. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us. >> reporter: rural roads throughout gilroy and morgan hill are blocked out and landslides are blocking 152 at watsonville road. authorities expect the highway to stay closed until friday night. residents say it's been relentless. >> there was a real downpour. at one point i was thinking is it going to stop? >> reporter: not before turning low-lying miller road already flood-prone into a pond. >> it's like a sea. everybody has to see it. it's flooding, let's check it out. >> reporter: some residents didn't have to go far to see t one river flooded two homes at 101 and highway 25 forcing boat rescues. along the peninsula, a mud slide slowed traffic on highway 1 in pacifica to a crawl. drivers had to take turns getting by. the road reopened but caltrans is monitoring the hillside.
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and in novato the driver of this car died after the vehicle slid off the highway, took out a guardrail and landed upside- down in a creek. rain there is expected to pick up again along with gusty winds. christin ayers, kpix 5. this is the yuba river running very high through nevada city. the owner of the outside inn sent us this picture of the bridge over the yuba. and this looks more like niagra falls than anything you might see in california but this is lake clementine dam in auburn. snow wind and rain causes problems in the tahoe/truckee area. right now interstate 80 is closed again between colfax and the nevada state line. more now from reporter drew bollea. >> busy. >> reporter: it's a constant fight in the sierra. >> too deep to push. >> reporter: people pushing snow as inches will turn to
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feet this week. >> 24 hours crazy. >> reporter: snow is a welcome sight for pat day the night superintendent at caltrans kingvale location. >> we don't want the rain on top of the snow. there's no way. >> reporter: his crews have been working 12-hour shifts. over the weekend, dealing with rain and a mud slide that shut down i-80 for 16 hours. >> we're looking good and then we just got socked with the rain on the snow. >> definitely a 10 to 20" storm. >> reporter: 10 to 15" of rain fell up to 8,000 feet. the ground now saturated. and it's not over yet. >> the system that we have coming in tonight through wednesday is going to bring us another surge of pretty up pressive rainfall. >> reporter: michelle mead with the national weather service expects two to three inches of rain in the valley but this time, snow below 5,000 feet. >> because of the lower snow levels, we are going to be measuring in feet of snow by the time all is said and done. >> reporter: she is also forecasting stronger winds
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including white-out conditions. >> so even your healthy trees when that ground gets so saturated, those roots will just lift right out. >> reporter: the work isn't over for pat day and his crews, only changing from mud to snow. >> come here and get a good meal, get their sleep, then they are ready to go the next day. >> reporter: the snow is going to continue to fall for the next 72 hours or so. but looking ahead later this week, that's when things will start to dry out, giving people and the ground a chance to recover. in kingvale, drew bollea, kpix 5. time now 4:40. yosemite spared major damage from the past storm. next a look inside with an expert who is watching conditions closely as the new storm rolls through. ,,
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getting hit hard. kpix 5's wilson walker takes us inside the national park. fong "so we e continuing our storm coverage this morning yosemite is also hit hard. kpix 5's wilson walker takes us inside the national park. >> so we ended up cresting at
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10500 feet per second. >> reporter: the merced ran high but it didn't run angry. just knocking at the door of campsites like half dome village and making a drive around the valley feel more like a drive around a lake. >> that suggests at just above a 10-year flood. >> reporter: this hydrologist is faced with the complex task of predicting the behavior of a river being fed from every direction! she says the lack of real damage following this 10-year flood is no accident. >> yeah. so the 1997 flood which is our flood of record kind of rewrote the map in yosemite valley in terms of where infrastructure is. >> reporter: as soon as midafternoon the merced had already dropped back to flood stage but as impressive as this river has been over the past two days, the real story wasn't down here. it was all around you, just pouring off the valley walls! >> all the waterfalls, they were the biggest that i have ever seen and the biggest that some people who have been here
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for 20 years have ever seen. >> reporter: it was hardly the storm expected and it puts perspective on how bad it was in 1997. the last two days had all the signature of a yosemite classic but there was nobody around to see it. in yosemite valley, wilson walker, kpix 5. we are getting a closer look at just how badly weekend storms damaged this ancient california tree. the pioneer cabin tree at the calaveras big tree state park was knocked to the ground by wind on sunday. its tunnel drew tourists worldwide for more than 100 years. >> no one felt it. >> not that we know of. >> no one hurt it. >> no one felt it. that's as far as we know. >> experts think the giant sequoia is somewhere around 2,000 years old. and the area is shut down for safety reasons so it may be a long time before the public can get back into the park to see that fallen tree. whale carcass found over
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the weekend near the oakland waterfront has been towed to angel island so it's not in the way of shipping lanes. chopper 5 got this view of it yesterday. marine mammal center says the whale was a female blue or fin whale between 40 and 60 feet long. researchers from the marine mammal center plan to do a necropsy to determine the cause of death. it is 4:45 right now. we're going to get a check on traffic and weather. and, of course, the weather, the rain is back! i'm updating the rain and where it's hitting and it's raining everywhere from the north bay, east bay. i'm going to have to call on my director to help me out. perhaps he can take a look at our live weather camera so we can see if we can pick up any precipitation around the bay area. it's so dark outside it's always difficult to pick up the rain at this time unless you go to the golden gate bridge, sometimes you're able to see the rain bouncing off the pavement. but nonetheless, we're calling
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on our live hi-def doppler, as well. we're queuing it up right now trying to get it working. it's been working overtime since saturday when we started to see the initial stages of this atmospheric river push into the area. behind it is a small impulse tapping into a little bit of that atmospheric river and it's also combining with this area of low pressure this cold front to the north of us. bottom line is we are getting a lot of rain in a short amount of time. in napa the river is at flood stage and will crest and cause minor to moderate flooding around napa. in guerneville, the russia river has been at flood stage has already overflowed its banks and is now just sitting there expected to crest once again tomorrow morning with moderate flooding around that area. look at our live hi-def doppler radar. it is all lit up at this hour. green is the light rainfall. the yellow is a pocket of heavy rain around calistoga pushing
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out of santa rosa into saint helena. san ramon around 580-680 corridor always has ponding on the roads with any kind of rain. look how heavy that is. when you truck on 680 towards the santa clara valley, you, too have a very wet morning commute. heavy rain in the santa cruz mountains, boulder creek. you have 4 more inches of rain between now and tomorrow. peninsula soggy. meanwhile the city of san francisco you are wet from market street around the embarcadero backing into the mission district and also into the sunset district. we have yet another area of low pressure. it's going to cause us some rain anywhere between one and four inches of rain across the bay area. flash flood watch in effect and a coastal flood advisory. bottom line out the door, you will be experiencing some ponding on the roads and on the sidewalks. temperatures are into the 50s. the winds at this particular time are breezy. 15 oakland, 17 san francisco,
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10 redwood city, 16 along the coast. but they will be increasing as the day wears on. that's why we have a high wind warning in effect up to 65-mile- per-hour wind gusts in the higher elevations. at the surface pretty much 20 to 35-mile-per-hour sustained winds. three things to remember. showery for the morning commute. we'll have the rain and wind decreasing but not until late in the day. this is the storm track bringing one system after another into the bay area. let's track it together. this is our futurecast. lunch hour you want to eat lunch indoors. by the evening commute heaviest rain showers in the santa clara valley. here we go into wednesday at this time we'll have scattered showers. throughout the day you will need that umbrella. but then watch what happens by thursday. we begin to see things settle down a few lingering showers, friday we become dry. one to four inches of rain expected across the bay area. the lesser amounts in the san jose area. the heavier amounts in the north and the santa cruz mountains. 50s, 60s. here's your extended forecast. we are in the rain wednesday,
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lingering showers thursday. we dry out on friday, partly cloudy over the weekend and cloud cover for the holiday on monday. roqui, take a breath! it's busy. >> yeah. you, too, okay? it is 4:49. [ laughter ] >> now, as an expert traffic person here, my biggest suggestion to you would be to avoid the roads. in mass transit, in the bay area, bart is on time. ace train is on time. muni is on time. and then i have some updates for the san francisco bay ferry. 6 a.m., 8:30 a.m. and the noon vallejo-to-san francisco ferry will be serviced by buses. and then the 7:30 alameda to south san francisco, 7:40 a.m. from oakland to south san francisco, those are canceled due to mechanical problems. so avoid the roads today. it's dangerous out there. let's take a look at some areas of flooding and also closures. first in san rafael, northbound 101 at 580 this is flooding in all lanes. and then here's a look at the golden gate bridge if you are heading from marin into san francisco, you have a clear commute but a wet one. 580 to golden gate toll plaza
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will take you about 14 minutes. and we have some crews out there changing the lanes up for you, as well. moving over to the bay bridge, high wind advisory across the span into downtown san francisco. but from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze along 80 westbound that will take you about 20 minutes. expect those metering lights to turn on around 5:30 and that's when that traffic will start to slow down a bit. moving over to scotts valley santa cruz mountains area, highway 17 between vine hill road and sugarloaf road reduced to one lane in both directions and and this is because of a mud slide from yesterday that they are cleaning up. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. in just over a week a new family will call the white house home. but the trump also have to balance their taste with the history of the space. reporter weijia jang shows us the delicate balance of white house decorating. >> reporter: just as the transition of power between presidents is seamless, so is the swapping of their stuff at the white house. >> 16 hours. 16 hours is a turnaround and a lot of what will happen the
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public will never see. >> reporter: bradley blakeman served as president george w. bush's deputy assistant. he says moving can't start until noon on inauguration day. >> it was organized chaos but it was more like a ballet between things moving in and things moving out. they had it down to a science. >> reporter: on january 20th, the choreographed chaos will unfold again when the trumps move in, turning the white house into their home. >> you loved living in this room. it's on the sunny side of the house. >> reporter: in 1962, jackie kennedy onassis restored the building and created the white house historical association which still approves all major changes. the trump also have free rein over the private residence barring any structural updates and president-elect donald trump can completely redo the oval office from art to wallpaper to the rugs a defining feature. >> one of the things that he loves in his residences is
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exquisite architectural detail. >> reporter: washington interior designer mary drysdale predicts the trumps will not bring the style of their manhattan apartment to dc. >> want to be thinking about the ideas that are going to be helping their lives and not focus as much attention on the $65,000 mirror. >> reporter: they will be temporary tenants with a duty to preserve the permanent history of the white house. weijia jang, cbs news, washington. as for the price tag of redecorating, the government's put up a modest budget for new carpet and fresh paint but all the special touches are there are paid for the new first family. we're learning more about the problem with the system that predicts arrival times for muni. how city leaders are getting involved in hopes of finding a fix. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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should predict arrival times, is largely spelling - confusion. th muni is finally making clear why a system that should predict arrival times is largely spelling confusion. the agency says its signs have been inaccurate because the technology behind them is 15 years old. since at&t is now deactivating that out dating infrastructure, nearly 70% of buses and trains can't send data to next muni screens at stops. mayor lee says this trouble needs to be fixed and soon. >> i want that next muni to be happening. you want it to happen this week. i want you to catch up with whatever technology that at&t and the others are having because people are on 4-g these
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days. you are still on 2-g? that's ridiculous i i'm impatient with that. >> muni is promising an update about when the arrival prediction network will be working again. today board members planning the george lucas museum are considering whether it would be better to set up shop in san francisco or los angeles. mayor she trying to sway them toward the bay area. he says treasure island would be a great home for the future museum. the site would cost $23 million and since the filmmaker's plan didn't pan out in chicago, many in the bay area are still hopeful. still, l.a. is offering the lucas team 7 acres of downtown land for less and some on the board are skeptical of the island idea. >> if they want to be sure that the building will withstand rise as well as the island they are looking at the seismic performance of the building, some of the geographic and atmospheric conditions of being here on the bay. >> but mayor lee is stressing the perks of a treasure island
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plan. he says a quick ferry trip would get people right to the space. marissa mayer's time on yahoo's board of directors is ending. she will resign if yahoo's sale to verizon goes through. five others will also go. another change is yahoo would be renamed altaba. yahoo had two major security breaches. verizon is rethinking the price to buy yahoo or perhaps scrapping the deal. it is 4:57. senate confirmation hearings begin today for president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees. our washington insider weighs in on that and other news from capitol hill next. >> reporter: and as another round of rain moves across the coast and bay area, a lot of concerns about our hillsides and how quickly crumbling can
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affect tens of thousands of people. we'll show you next. ,,
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let's get a look at weather and traffic. good morning. it's tuesday, january 10. i'm michelle griego. kenny choi is off this morning. the roads are west. there's standing water. i just drove on the bay bridge and it was tricky. >> yeah. still my worst commute in was sunday. but this was better for me. >> this one was my worst commute because i came in earlier than you on sunday. but this was definitely -- it's exactly what we have been anticipating. we have had days of rain so we have the accumulation now on the roadways. it's definitely wet out there. give yourself some extra time. you know, on sunday is when the first time we saw the floodgates ever closed in napa. and that's what's going to happen again today. we do have in that particular


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